Thank you all for visiting our stand at Communicasia 2009. In four days we held more than 140 meetings. It was a pleasure meeting, numerous existing customers from the region, whom we would like to send a special token of appreciation from the team at large. The exhibition was a perfect environment to receive feedback on existing products and hear the markets demand for the future. We will certainly try to implement in our new editions of voipswitch and its modules the client’s wishes.    As we could see, there is still tremendous demand for the Symbian based voip softphone in the market. The Windows Mobile cannot be ignored with support of the big players, including LG, Garmain and others whom presented new sophisticated smartphones based on Windows Mobile. This might be followed by a significant increase for mobile phones based on WM in next months. This is definitely good news for our WM development team who are just finishing their new release of the WM vippie. It should be announced within the next two weeks. What I can tell now is that it will look extremely attractive, with the Iphone look alike style of interface.  We also met our technology partners, Yealink, Granstream and others. Yealink was presenting together with us a USB Memory phone stick with our softphone pre-loaded. The end user simply plugs the stick into any PC and can begin making and receiving calls – no installation is required. More information regarding this product will be available in the near future. explained to us some new features implemented in its new API. One of them is support for incoming SMS which is a perfect fit for voipswitch users whom for a long time have been asking about possibility to receive SMS from external networks thru DID to their IP or Mobile voip client. Now it is very simply with DIDx. I will write more in next article.
The advent of EDGE, 3G and WiFi (NewsAlert) technology has brought with it increasing innovation in the mobile telecom space. And softphones are playing an increasingly important role in these innovations as companies look to streamline cost reducing technologies.
The Voipswitch “Vippie Mobile SIP Softphone” from Voiceserve Inc., which this week was presented a 2009 TMC (NewsAlert) Labs Innovation Award presented by its publication Unified Communications, is one device ideally suited for communication via either GPRS, EDGE, 3G or WiFi connection. With its multi functional characteristics customers are moving toward it as an alternative to the standard GSM.

The full articla by Tim Gray, TMCnet Web Editor, can be found here. “The latest Voipswitch release, the “Vippie Mobile SIP Softphone” is ideally suited for communication via either GPRS, EDGE, 3G or WiFi connection. With its multi functional characteristics our customers now have an alternative to the standard GSM mobile communication, enabling them to bring dramatic savings to the vast range of clientele.” said Dr. Chris Oglaza, CTO Voiceserve Inc. “We support our partners who are adding key applications from PC and ATA VOIP communication to Mobile SIP via wifi, and more, enabling them to tailor their systems to the individual needs of their customers,” added Michael Bibelman CEO Voiceserve Inc. “Voipswitch offers the complete connectivity experience that customers are demanding today. The Mobile SIP communication can be liked to the recently released award winning IP-PBX, dramatically changing the manner of communication globally.” Continue reading Voipswitch Vippie Mobile SIP Softphone Lands 2009 UC TMC Labs Award