Vippie reviewed in New York Times

VoipSwitch mobile softphone Vippie was presented and recommended by “Gadgetwise” – the New York Times technology blog by Roy Furchgott. The application is an exemplary version of Rich Communication Suite client, which is currently offered for VoIP service providers under their brands.

So far positively evaluated by VoIP businesses as well as by thousands of users, now the softphone application reaches the good notes from NYT reviewers. “A test video call over WIFI was smooth and audio quality was good” – the article says.

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Successful Vippie softphone is available for iPhone, Android nd BlackBerry platforms. It enables its users to communicate for free by calls, video calls, sending text messages and exchanging files. Additionally, the PUSH notifications, active phone book and social media features make the softphone desirable by the crowds.

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VoipSwitch’s retail mobile softphone – Vippie has been introduced by a large business portal Resource Nation as one of the 5 newest VoIP Apps on the Market. Read the whole text here

Vippie was not only positively reviewed in the article, but was also showed as a handy tool in business communication. Authors noticed the changes in telecom trends: the uses, who’d rather use free VoIP dialers than pay for their connections. There were highlighted such features as free calls and messages, chat or social hub. Business owners will appreciate the ability to send files to clients and customers during a conversation, not to mention the professional call quality.– we read. Download Vippie for your iPhone, Android or Blackberry to enjoy all the advanced functionalities.