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Can I rent the Voipswitch products?

Yes, we offer both to rent and to buy options. Visit hosted.voipswitch.com for more details on renting.

Can I keep the software in my facility?

Yes, in both purchase and rental options the software can be kept on your premise.

Can I host the softswitch on your server?

Yes, we work with datacenter in USA and Europe an can offer you a whole package including server, backup, IP addresses etc.

How much does it cost?

In order to receive an information about pricing please contact us at sales@voipswitch.com

Do I need a billing system?

Billing is built in Voipswitch platform and is fully integrated with the softswitch providing charging and rating mechanisms among many other converged billing features. It uses an external database to store the data.

Can Voipswitch be integrated with 3rd party app?

In many cases yes. We did integrations over web based APIs, on database level and using or using some other protocols. Our developers will evaluate your request on per case basis.

Do you offer trainings?

Yes, we do. Usually it is in a form of an online session but also when requested we provide onsite training, it can be in our offices or at customer.

What are the difference between VoipSwitch and other providers?

Voipswitch is a really complete solution comprising of all components that a provider needs to roll out VoIP services. It comes with a class 5 switch integrated fully with Converged Billing. Also there are application servers fulfilling different roles. Using Voipswitch a provider can expand its business by virtually any type of next generation services. From calling cards to Rich communication suite. Our experts will help to plan and deploy.

Does VoipSwitch provide VoIP termination?

Newcomers in VoIP often have insufficient traffic volume in order to negotiate good rates from tier1 or tier2 wholesalers. We help in getting good routes covering A-Z destinations so that you can start easily.

Can I use VoIP softphone app in blocked areas?

Yes, VoipSwitch application supports VoIP tunnel technology and can work from blocked areas or from behind firewalls for both incoming and outgoing calls. The Tunnel is granted with the purchase of VoipSwitch main platform.

Do I have to buy VoipSwitch as an entire bundle, or can I purchase modules separately?

The modules can be bought separately and added to the base platform at any moment.

What is operator code?

It is for operators that share our softphone. Instead of having a whitelable app they opt for shared one. The difference is that users have to enter operator code on the first start, it is so called OPCODE.
OP-code is assigned to each service provider when he register for Voipswitch softphone. In order to receive the operator code service provider has to provide information like server IP or DNS, port number, and his dialer name – displayed after unlocking the dialers.

Is there a self-care user portal that works with Voipswitch?

Yes, we provide a html5 Voipswitch User Portal, users can manage their account, enable/disable services, top up. Also it supports Instant Messaging, faxing and audio and video calling using the latest WebRTC technology.

Can the web interface be branded with my company’s logo? (is there any extra cost ?)

Yes, it can be branded, not only logo can be changed but the whole skin which is based on css. You can do it yourself or order it at our design team.

Does voipswitch work with WebRTC?

WebRTC is a media and transport engine, there is no signaling part. To cater this we built a connector which translates web requests (using websockets) to SIP requests (and vice versa). Now it is fully working with WebRTC based softphone. Users can make audio or video calls from browsers directly to our mobile and desktop clients. It is important to note that WebRTC to SIP interworking requires certain network elements like STUN/TURN and support for certain audio and video codecs and encryption. We provide all necessary components to make it work not only in client to client (ONNET) scenarios but also to interconnect it with OFFNET elements (breakout gateways, carriers)

Is peer to peer media calling supported?

Yes, with the help of ICE. ICE Is the best mechanism for traversing NATs and also for establishing peer to peer paths.

Can the mobile dialers work with 3rd party softswitch?

Yes, they have been tested with all the most popular and most used softswitch vendors like Metaswitch, Portaone, Digitalk and many others.

Can the dialers work with IMS?

Internet Multimedia Subsystem – IMS. Yes, we have made several custom softphones to work with IMS from different vendors including ZET, Huawey, Nokia Siemens Network, Samsung and others.

Can the mobile dialers be customized/branded?

They are always offered as whitelabel meaning they are made with a provider’s brand. The branding include logo, name, some changes in the graphics. Also we can modify the skin and flow of the application, such changes are discussed between the customer (provider) and our design team.
We also provide customization in terms of feature set and compatibility with 3rd party systems. For example we made applications for business IP PBX manufacturers (LG Ericson) or to be delivered as a part of some broader service (Orange business PBX). Also we incorporate our dialers in 3rd party apps or integrate our apps with external libraries realizing specific functions.

Are the mobile dialers uploaded under my account on appstore?

Yes, we help through the whole process of publishing the apps on google play and apple appstore. The softphones are branded and with no connection to our company.

What is Rich Communication Suite RCS?

It is a set of requirements that a next generation service should offer. They are based on growing customer expectations which are reaching now far beyond a simple voice calling. Users demand an easy way to share their multimedia with their contacts, make video calls and many more. Also the general trend is that the communication application should be contact oriented which means that on one click on a contact a user can start various interactions. For the application it entails support for certain functionalities like capabilities and user discovery, presence and others. Also the RCS services require backend APIs. Voipswitch provides both applications and the RCS Node which is set of API and mechanism catering for RCS services. It also comprises of a Presence and other application servers (depending on particular deployment). The RCS Node can work with Voipswitch or 3rd party softswitches.
Voipswitch’s RCS Node provides support for RCS services and Voipswitch’s extensions (additional services). We can also provide a solution compliant with GSMA RCS standards
Click here for more info.

What are DID services?

(DID, also called DDI. In VOIP often called Virtual number) Direct Inward Dialing is a  service that enables customers to be reached directly at their own phone numbers. In VoipSwitch’s realm by DID is understood any phone number associated with a user, without specifying whether the number is  available only from within the system or also from external networks. The DID services can be offered in the form of external numbers (pstn) but also as internal numbers or so called internet numbers which allow users of different voip providers to call each other:
Voipswitch is integrated with the major DIDs providers such as Voxbone.com, DIDX, WWDID, Voipinnovations and others.

Is there any free version of VoipSwitch soft phone? How can I download it?

You can try from www.ivippie.com it is our demo.

Can I upgrade from my dialer to VoipSwitch RCS?


Which features can I customize in RCS?

We build custom applications for our customers, almost anything can be customized, not only the look but also the flow and functionality. Often customization covers integration with 3rd party services or VoIP platforms.

Does Voipswitch support online payments for users?

We have an online payment system focused on gathering payments from customers, account registration and provisioning. This system can use an API to connect to a 3rd party ecommerce platform, that will utilise the payment system and account information.

I found at your web site “PIN/PINless App for Smartphones”. Your Mobile dialer by default come with “Call through functionality” or it’s an add-on feature?

Correct, this is an add-on to the softphone itself. When internet is not available or poor quality a user can make a call through connection (thru calling card access number).

Where can I get information about new VoipSwitch products?

You can subscribe to our newsletter and find more information about upcoming release by visiting our news page.