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VoIP softphones – mobile and desktop RCS clients

RCS Integration

Integration with 3rd party systems

The RCS platform can be integrated with 3rd party systems such as IMS, softswitch and/or billing, already in use by an operator.

There are various models in which our software can fit into existing infrastructures. Our engineers work closely with various operators in order to find the best solution that would meet the requested requirements.

Below are examples of integrations done by our team:



  • Nokia

  • Huawei IMS

Billing systems:

  • Nokia

  • Redknee


  • Metaswitch, Digitalk, Portaone


The provisioning integration is done with the use of Web APIs. This part usually pertains to various sets of functions responsible for:

  • Creating new accounts on a 3rd party system

  • Synchronizing accounts between voipswitch RCS platform and a 3rd party

  • Using 3rd party authentication services


Billing integration is done using either Diameter Credit Control Application or a Web API.

RCS platform as billing client

If charging is to be done on a 3rd party billing, then our voipswitch RCS platform would send charging events to the remote Diameter server.

RCS platform as billing server

In this case voipswitch billing is used and voipswitch receives Diameter requests for charging events from external services, for example Mobile services such as voice calls, SMS, MMS, data, roaming etc.


In some scenarios, SIP flow is routed through the server of the operator. It can either be sent through for all services or only for paid ones (like paid calls and paid SMS), while free services would use VoipSwitch platform. In the latter case, there would be less load on the softswitch of the operator since it would handle only paid traffic. This approach would allow the operator to use their existing billing, accounts and routing mechanism as well.

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