Symbian dialer unlimited license

This fully branded dialer can connect even from areas where VoIP services are blocked.

With its user-friendly interface, the Symbian dialer has been a success story since its release and now VoipSwitch is giving you the chance to take advantage of its impressive set of features:

  • Making and receiving SIP calls

  • Internet connection over WIFI, 3G or EDGE

  • Making and receiving SIP calls from behind any VoIP blockades/firewalls

  • Native address book from the mobile phone

  • Redial button

  • Call status

  • Last calls log

  • Summary window showing last call cost and duration

  • Balance information

  • Loudspeaker

  • Hold

  • Call transfer

  • Audio control

  • Sending and receiving SMS (over SIP)

  • Instant messaging over XMPP, chat and presence

  • “Call thru” and “Callback” functionality*

  • Digits Interception (Dialer pops up once dialing from the phone’s

  • “Dial pad” or choosing a number from the phone’s “Contact list”)*

Unlimited download, unlimited channels! Expand your business and increase your profit; order before 7, July to benefit from this promotion!

* The offer is limited

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