Wholesale Trading Platform – overview
Wholesale Trading Platform (WTP) is a web interface for wholesale clients sending voice or SMS traffic thru Voipswitch. The current version allows to browse calls records (with export to csv function), view statistics, see the rate sheets associated with account, both voice and SMS type, manage account’s properties – recharge, change password and others.  The system enables clients to select quality routes by sending calls with pre-defined prefixes. Example wholesale website with more information about the services that can be implemented is at following location www.voip-proxy.com Website template plus sign-up, rates list and other components are part of the WTP package offered by Voipswitch.  In addition a DID wholesale management should appear in the next release planned on this month. The functionality will allow to offer DIDs/channels to wholesale and PBX customers.  The system has been built using cross-platform technology flash/flex. Below is a short movie giving a feel of the interface look. Click on the picture below to see a short video presentation of the Voip-Proxy’s user interface.